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Mechanical Testing

FDA Approved Mechanical Testing Laboratory in Chennai

SFTS laboratory possess a high-class machine workshop for preparing precise test specimens as it is the important step that directly affects the evaluation of results of mechanical properties. With our expertise and advanced technological methods, you can expect more insight into the quality of your materials and enhanced reproducibility of your research.

The laboratory's machining capacity is highly appreciated by clients and inspectors, for traceability and quality guaranty, as for shortening delivery time, while reduced deadlines delivery.

For independent confirmation of quality, safety, and authenticity of your biological materials, reviewed and supported by a world-class team of experts, there’s simply no better place to turn than SFTS laboratory.

Collectively, our staff members possess extensive experience in the mechanical testing of metals, ceramics, polymers, electronics packaging, composites and construction materials.

Following mechanical testing services are available at SFTS laboratory, Chennai.

  • Opacity
  • Elongation
  • Dart impact Resistance
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Bond Strength
  • GSM
  • Dimension
  • Seal Strength
  • Bursting Strength
  • Compression Strength
  • Migration Test

For effective results, we make sure the products undergo modern measurement technology that enables the precise, partially automated logging and analysis of measured data.